Weymouth Speed Week Photo Library

About the Photo Library

The Weymouth Speed Week Photo Library provides a unique resource relating to the history and competition of Weymouth Speed Week. Whilst the initial release of the website contains photos from the past 4 events it will be later supplemented with photos from earlier years. If you have some photos from earlier years and would like them to be published on the website, please send them to Tim at the email address below and remember to state the name of the photographer and the year in which they were taken. Photos submitted to the website will be made available via the website in due course.

Photographs have been published on the website using a custom-built photo-publishing program written by Tim Daish.

Printing and Framing

Photos shown on this website can be professionally printed and framed up to sizes of 44 inches. Please be aware that the actual size and quality of the print may vary according to the size of the particular high-resolution photograph; some photos will be at a lower resolution than others due to the cropping and straightening that might be necessary (the movement of the RIB that is moving up, down and along does not help the framing of shots!).

For information and a quote regarding printing and framing, please send an email with the photograph's filename (the image is not required) and your requirements to Nick Povey at Pheasant Framing. Nick will be more than happy to help.

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